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All Services

Achieving your goals involves more than Retirement Planning.  We offer a comprehensive approach to financial planning with the following services, selected by module, in addition to Retirement Planning:

• Spending and Net Worth Analysis.  Do you have concerns about spending or debt?
Insurance and Risk Review.  Are you adequately addressing risks that you face?
Tax Planning.  Are you taking full advantage of the tax code?
Estate Planning.  Have you made plans for legal situations you may face?

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Why choose Spending and Net Worth Analysis?

How can I get better control over my spending?  The first step is awareness followed by an understanding of the benefits of making changes.  This module includes:

  • analysis of spending by category
  • analysis of debt and assets
  • exercises about spending
  • recommendations and benefits

Why choose Insurance and Risk Review?

At different stages of life we face different risks; new risks may appear and prior risks may dimish.  An insurance product is often used to address these risks.  Periodically it’s important to review the risks you face and be sure you have addressed them, and aren’t overpaying for insurance that may not be needed any longer.  This module reviews the following risks:

  • life
  • disability
  • long term care needs
  • property and casualty (for example, homeowners and auto)
  • personal liability

Why choose Tax Planning?

Even if you are working with a tax preparer, she may not have time during tax season to help you make forward-looking changes to take greater advantage of the tax code.  This module provides perspective on the taxes you are paying, and looks for changes you can make to reduce taxes now or in the future.

Why choose Estate Planning?

If you have a bank account, retirement account, own property, have children, or are married, then estate planning is important regardless of your age.  An estate plan is written for you at this point in life and should be changed periodically to reflect your changing life circumstances.  Part of a proper estate plan ensures that your values and wishes for health care are carried out, if you are temporarily unable to direct your own care.   Some parts of an estate plan are needed now, and it can be very reassuring (for you and other family members) to know that a plan is in place if something unexpected does happen.

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